Air to air heat pump Midea Xtreme Save 5.62/5.3 kW

  • Air to air heat pump Midea Xtreme Save 5.62/5.3 kW

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    Heating up to -25C outside air temperature;
    SCOP up to 4.60;
    SEER up to 8.80;
    Energy efficiency class A+++;
    Extremely quiet indoor unit (noise level from 19 dB(A));
    Follow me feature;
    3D airflow;
    Weekly timer;
    WI-FI control in standard equipment;
    3 year warranty. 

  • Technical data:

    Heating power, kW 5.62 (3.1~5.9)
    Cooling capacity, kW 5.3 (3.4~5.9)
    Electric power in heating/cooling, kW 0.56~2.05/0.78~2.00
    SEER in refrigeration 4.00
    SCOP in heating 7.00
    Energy class in cooling/heating A++/A+
    Internal air flow (max.), m3/h 800
    Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m indoor unit, dB(A) 20/31/37/41
    Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m outdoor unit, dB(A) 57
    Dimensions indoor/outdoor unit, mm 969x320x241/874x554x330
    Weight indoor/outdoor unit, kg 11.2/33.5
    Diameter of connecting pipes (gas+liquid), inches 1/4+1/2
    Freon R32
    Amount of filled freon, gr(m) 1100 (5)
    Additional amount of freon, gr/m 20
    Maximum pipeline length, m 30
    Maximum height difference, m 20
    Working outdoor temperature in refrigeration, C -15/50
    Operating outdoor temperature in heating, C -25/24
    Power supply 220-240V/1f/50 Hz
    Power supply external
    Power cable, mm2 3x2.5
    Interblock k., mm2 5x1.5 (shielded)
    Electric current (max.), A 11
    Vending machine (recommended), A 16