Air to air heat pump GREE SOYAL 5,3/5,6 KW

  • Air to air heat pump GREE SOYAL 5,3/5,6 KW

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    Useful performance factor SCOP up to 9.4;
    Energy efficiency class A+++/A+++;
    Effectively heats up to -25 0C outside air temperature;
    Cooling down to -15 0C outside air temperature;
    Protection of the outer part against freezing;
    IR sensor ("eye"), follows a person;
    8 fan speeds;
    +8C temperature maintenance function; "I Feel" function;
    Extremely quiet operation up to 18 dB(A);
    WI-FI control by smartphone;
    Warranty: 3 m;
    Made in China. 

  • Highly efficient air conditioner with energy efficiency class A++, and cooling efficiency ratio up to 7.


    Heating power: 5,6 (1,1-7,0) kW, cooling power: 5,3 (1,8-6,3) kW;
    Integrated WIFI control. Using your mobile phone, you can change the settings of the heat pump, control its operation from anywhere;
    Built-in sensor allows more heating or cooling of the part of the room where the control panel is located;
    +8 ⁰ C temperature maintenance function. This function is useful in rooms where there is no permanent residence, but it is necessary to maintain a minimum temperature;
    Working temperature limits: in cooling mode from -15 to +52°C, in heating mode from -25 to +24°C;
    Efficiency factor SEER / SCOP: 7,0 / 4,9, EER / COP: 3,8/3,8;
    Air flow created by internal unit m³/h: 800 / 700 / 550 / 500 / 450 / 350 / 300 / 250;
    Noise level dB(A): 46 / 40 / 37 / 35 / 31 / 25 / 24 / 22;
    Refrigerant R32 is used;
    Supplied with remote control.
    The device is protected from freezing.
    Noise level: 53dB(A).
    Pipe connection diameter (liquid - gas): 1/4" - 3/8".
    Maximum height difference between internal and external units: 10 meters
    Min/Max pipeline length: 3/15 m.  

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