Air conditioner Daikin Sensira FTXF20D + RXF20D

  • Air conditioner Daikin Sensira FTXF20D + RXF20D

    Code: FTXF20D/RXF20D
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    Heats up to -15 degrees C outside air temperature;
    Intended for an area of up to 20 square meters. m.;
    Freon: R32;
    Energy class: A++/A+;
    Country of origin: Japan. 

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  • Technical data:

    Cooling capacity (Min./nom./max.), kW: 1.3/2.0/2.4;
    Heating power (Min./norm./max.), kW: 1.3/2.4/3.3;
    SEER in Refrigeration, W/W: 6.22;
    SCOP in Heating, W/W: 4.11;
    Energy class in cooling/heating: A++/A+;
    Internal air flow (max.), m³/h: 582;
    Sound pressure at a distance of 1 m:
    Indoor unit (refrigerator), dB(A): 20/25/33/39;
    Indoor unit (heating), dB(A): 21/28/34/39;
    Outdoor unit (refrigerator), dB(A): 46;
    Outdoor unit (refrigerator), dB(A): 47;
    Dimensions indoor/outdoor unit, mm: 770x286x225/658x550x275;
    Weight indoor/outdoor unit, kg: 8/25.5;
    Diameter of connection pipes (Gas + liquid), inches: 1/4" + 3/8";
    Freon: R32;
    Filled amount of freon, gr(m): 450 (10);
    Additional amount of freon, gr/m: 20;
    Maximum pipeline length / height difference, m: 20 /12;
    Operating outdoor temperature in cooling/heating, °C; -10~46 / -15~24;
    Power supply: 220-240V/1f/50Hz;
    Power supply: external;
    Power cable, mm²: 3x2.5;
    Interblock k., mm²: 4x1.0;
    El. power (nom.), kW: 0.65;
    Automatic switch, A: 16.

    It is possible to control the device with smart devices. The WiFi module is ordered additionally.